• Obido works with both experts and starters in their line of work, able to integrate smoothly in their employer’s company. We are fully aware that employing the right professional is crucial to be successful.
  • Here, at Obido, we are equally involved with both the employee and the employer. We fully understand the demands of both sides and employers can be assured that personnel brought in by us has the proper working experience and will fit in the corporate culture.
  • We are familiar with the area of activity, we understand the language of both the employer and the employee.
  • Obido strives for long term relationships where trust, commitment and personal attention are a must.


If you are interested in working in the Netherlands in a dynamic and growing company, we invite you to work with us.

Working through Obido employment agency has many benefits:

  • Our temporary workers are paid as a minimum the Dutch legal minimum wage, to be paid weekly.
  • The hourly rates and the salary are in line with the Dutch NBBU collective labour agreement for temporary workers.
  • Employees receive their wages in weekly payments into a bank account as specified by themselves.
  • Starting upon arrival of our professionals in The Netherlands, our coordinators will be ready to answer their questions 24/7. If necessary the workers can be picked up at the airport upon arrival and accompanied to their accommodations. We will explain how they are expected to work in The Netherlands; good coordination ensures satisfied employees.
  • We are their first point of contact and we take care of all practical issues for them.
  • During initial training for a new employer temporary workers can be assisted by an interpreter.
  • Assistance is available for temporary workers during evenings and weekends as well as during daytime.
  • Temporary workers will be treated correctly and will be accompanied by a person familiar with their language and culture.
  • Every individual working in The Netherlands is required to obtain health insurance coverage by a Dutch insurance company. We can arrange for health insurance coverage at affordable rates.
  • If required, we can negotiate for free of charge accommodation.
  • We can assist the request for a Dutch citizen service number, opening a Dutch bank account and possibly filling out tax forms.

Our company offers assistance in all kinds of administrative matters:

  • income tax settlement – assistance in obtaining a citizen service number (BSN);
  • opening a bank account;
  • insurance coverage and health benefits;
  • request for unemployment benefits (WW);
  • access to registration as a house seeker with local housing corporations;
  • housing benefits (rent allowance);
  • family (child benefits) – additional treatment for home care (children allowance);
  • children’s kindergarten (child-based budget);

Are you looking for a job or would you like more information about us? Don’t hesitate to contact us!